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A Special Announcement on World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day 2013, so Algy would like to take this opportunity to make a very special announcement:

Algy loves good poetry,
He often quotes a verse,
But frequently the poets mourn
For those who’ve gone, or love forlorn,
Or something even worse.

A dreary poem makes you glum,
A sad one will bring tears,
So very few will brighten life
Or help you with the stress and strife
Through all these weary years.

So Algy said: It seems to me
That what you really need
Is a poet with a happy rhyme
To help you have a better time
Whenever you may read.
I think that I’ll write ditties
To help the world along;
Some of them will be absurd,
They’re just the ramblings of a bird,
But each will be a song.

So please tell all the children –
Every little girl and boy –
I’ll make them rhymes to bring a smile
And occupy them for a while
With merriment and joy.

I may not write a weighty tome,
I’m just a fluffy lad,
But I’ll sing a silly song to you
And help you laugh the whole day through
Instead of feeling sad.

So smile now with happy thoughts
And have a merry day;
The flowers are waving in the breeze,
The birds are singing in the trees,
It’s meant to be that way :)

Algy is delighted to announce that – providing his assistant works as hard as he wants her to – his first book of original verse for children will be published in late spring or early summer 2013.

[ © 2013 This poem is original copyright material, but you are welcome to share it on Tumblr providing you credit the original and link back to Algy’s Adventures.]

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  1. himmelueberhamburg said: Congratulations and my best wishes for your great project. I like poetry too.
  2. poeticethic said: Oh wow, that’s really exciting! Congratulations! xx
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    Oh hurray!!!! This is so cool! Very exciting news, Algy! I’ll be sure to buy a copy when it is finally published!
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    thanks Algy -thliii
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